Congratulations - you are getting married. You have got your gown fitted and the invitations are sent. Are you missing anything? Have you considered your bridal lingerie? No, well, let the fun begin. Bridal lingerie in the uk and around the world has never been more alluring and memorable than today.

Today's brides have a myriad of choices in wedding lingerie. No longer just for the honeymoon, but for the wedding itself. Many gowns need a very specific type of bra, often strapless. Strapless bras have never been more comfortable. You swarovski dazzle ring want to look your very best so be sure to find a bra that is supportive and shows off your breasts to their best advantage. For very fitted gowns, you may want a bustier. Bustiers not only show off cleavage beautifully, they slim the waist to a perfect hourglass. By choosing a bustier that also works with your going away outfit your husband will get to enjoy it also as you begin your honeymoon. You also must consider your bridal underwear. You don't want to wear just any old pair from your drawer; you need something pretty and sexy. Be sure ab swarovski crystals to choose a pair that works well with your gown, minimizes those panty lines and is in a neutral color tone.

When shopping for your sexy bridal lingerie set, consider the mood you want to set on your honeymoon. Of course, you want to be sexy and erotic, but will you also want some fun and flirty options? Many brides chose elegant bridal lingerie for the first night of the honeymoon. Elegant choices are frequently silk or a silk blend long gowns. White or cream are popular colors. Many bridal lingerie sets are embellished with delicate swarovski new zealand detailed lace and pearls or sequins. For breakfast in the room in the morning, choose bridal lingerie set that has a matching robe. Then you are set to enjoy mimosas in style. Remember you are what really makes the sexy lingerie look good.

For later in the honeymoon, go with some more erotic lingerie. A flirty baby doll set is just the thing. Babydolls are fun, affordable and very erotic. When shopping for your bridal lingerie, wander through the more exotic selections. Look for something in your groom's favorite color. Then find a long swarovski crystal brooches robe to put over your baby doll so you can do a big reveal on your honeymoon. He will be sure to enjoy that.

Getting married is a great time to refresh your lingerie and panty drawer. Throw out all those tired panties, worn out gowns, and scruffy robe you've had since college. It's time to start fresh and your husband will surely appreciate the new lingerie as well. Shopping for wedding lingerie and other lingerie items to start your new life together is a great break from the stressful planning of the wedding. Call up your best girlfriend and go shopping. Maybe she will find something she likes too. This is no time to be shy or for t-shirts and flannel sleep pants. You will need new panties for everyday and the wedding. For your honeymoon, you will want at least one long gown with matching robe and one erotic lingerie choice. But don't stop there. Pick up a few items to surprise your husband with on your first month anniversary or maybe to cheer him up after a long day at work. Remember, you will be a newly married woman and you have a man to tease and please.