There is no denying the popularity of pendants. In fact these ornaments have managed to hold the interest of the both the genders with equal élan, just like engagement rings. Men and women both are seen adoring these items of jewellery and the designers seem to be catering to this demand rather well. While it is a fact that bangles, necklaces and even earrings are worn more by women as opposed gold charm bracelets to men, pendants are appreciated by men as much as they are liked by women.

In fact there are so many types of pendants that the variety allows almost everyone to find a pendant that suits his/her needs. The benchmarks on which these pendant types are based are discussed below-

• Shape - Pendants come in various shapes. However, there is no denying the fact that drops are quite swarovski bridal popular. Right from Celtic designs to modern one, almost everything can be found today. Depending on the personality and the choice of the buyer a purchase can be made. Do keep in mind the shape of the neck when considering the shape of the pendant. There are certain shapes that suit a particular neck, while others may not be complimentary.

• Size- Pendants come in a lot of sizes. swarovski crystal shop Though size does not matter here like in the case of engagement rings and bangles, they do help to allow a person to choose better. Most people will go with a smaller pendant when looking to wear it on a daily basis or to work and other such formal places. While those looking to make an impact on a special occasion usually will pick a larger pendant.

• Material- Right from silver, charm shop gold to platinum, pendants are available in all materials. Some are studded with precious stones while others are known for their semi-precious displays. In fact there are pendants made of the certain specific carat stone too, since they are to be worn for cosmic purposes that are intended to make the wearer's life better. Here too one can make a choice depending on personal preference and swarovski sale pocket.

• Making method - Some pendants are hand made while some are made with a machine. There are times when the base of the pendant is made by a machine but the setting will be done by hand. In fact the making method of the pendant does influence its cost too.

Pendants and necklaces are different from each other. A pendant is not attached to its chain and is sold as an independent piece of jewellery. A necklace on the other hand is fixed to the chain that holds it in place and therefore is a complete ornament in itself that does not require another piece of jewellery to hold it in place.

A chain is crucial to holding the pendant in place and it is important that a complimenting one is purchased since a chain that does not match with the essence of the pendant will take away from its impact. Keep this aspect in mind and learn more about the types of pendants and you will be able to pick one that is most appropriate for you.