Parrot jewelry tells the tale of some who loves birds or someone who sees the symbolism of freedom in the wide open skies. But why do celebrities love parrot jewelry? Well it's colourful, intriguing, and just downright gorgeous no matter what the underlying psychology is to bird jewelry. It has that element of fun around it with all those colors. Of course, there are much more serious pieces.

From celebrities to young girls wearing parrot jewelry is one of those quirky fashion statements that are going to be ever so hot this season. It is unique and certainly pleasing to havaianas swarovski the eyes! While you are mixing and matching that colourful wardrobe, you can mix and match this kind of jewelry and have fun-fun-fun!

Your parrot jewelry says a lot about your sensuality, and being in touch with your creative elements. By its colourful nature the eye is drawn to it and it looks fantastic on the ears, wrist, or as a brooch on the bodice.

Parrots are found in exotic places around the world and thanks to their rareness the closest most of us get to them are watching them on a television screen. South American folk are lucky to still be able to enjoy these swarovski navel rings beautiful creatures streaming across the skies and fluttering around the rain forests. And of course, celebrities on shoot are able to enjoy this scene too.

Why not bring a little piece of this exotic beauty to your wardrobe. It's a refreshing way of enjoying something so dear and so close to extinction.

There are all kinds of different parrots in the world all different colors and different personalities and you are no different so why not choose your parrots to match your mood.

Parrot jewelry can be done with bold vibrant color that's fun and playful and let's swarovski crystal necklaces everyone know your mood or it can be more subtle wood pieces that are stained and much more earthen.

Jewelry with parrots is rather like a fashion statement that also celebrates the earth and some of the parrot species that are either extinct or very close to extinction. Take the purple hyacinth for example. One of the most beautiful birds on the planet yet almost extinct. Celebrate its beauty with parrot jewelry.

Celebrities love parrot jewelry for a lot of reasons. It's fun and funky to wear; it's more unusual and makes a statement. For some it's about recognizing a species that is both beautiful and near extinction and for others it has ties to perhaps an area of filming in the jungles with the parrots.

Whatever the reason parrot jewelry is ever so trendy and why not be in style this season with some great parrot jewelry pieces?