There are different ways of looking at matching the chandelier earring. This could pertain to matching the set with the outfit or matching the set to the person. When it comes to matching this type of earring to a person, individuals with shorter necks do have to be careful because it can make their neck look even shorter. cheap wholesale jewelry This being said, there are different lengths of these earrings so there is something to match the need for the shorter chandelier earring.

When it comes to matching the chandelier earring to the outfit, again, there are a few ways of looking at it. There is the color, the style, and the overall appearance.

Color swarovski crystalized Schemes

There are many colors of earrings available including the chandelier type. In fact, there might be more color schemes available in this type because there are beads, sequins and other types of materials that can be used to make them. In matching the colors of the earrings with the outfits, single color earrings wide silver bangle or even those who have a few colors in them are easier to match than those with many colors. For earrings that have a lot of different colors, it might be best to wear an outfit that only has one or two colors in it. Before wearing the earrings with the outfit, have a good look in the mirror to ensure that all of the colors large cross pendant match.


There is a variety of styles of this type of earring available and not all of them will match every outfit. An extravagant type of earring may not match the same type of outfit because there might be too much going on. Usually you have to go a little more on the conservative side for one of them unless crystal necklace the earrings and the outfit are very well matched. In this case, if you aren't sure that they match, you might want to change something about it.

Overall Appearance

Color can greatly affect the appearance of earrings as can the shape and style. The overall appearance is affected by so many different things. There crystal pendant are simple earrings available that work very well with simple outfits or outfits that are more extravagant. However, the earrings that stand out so much more don't necessarily look great and don't necessarily match outstanding outfits. You have to look at the whole appearance of the earrings and the outfit to see if they match each other. Sometimes simple is better when you aren't sure.

When In Doubt...

If you really can't make up your mind about whether or not your chandelier earrings match your outfit or even suit your body, ask someone who will be honest with you. Good friends are supposed to be honest so they might be the first ones to ask or maybe a family member. In the case that there is no one around you, take a picture of the two and send them to someone over the computer or cell phone. There is usually someone who can offer a helping hand. Make sure they are honest with you and don't be afraid to take some friendly advice.